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Grant of graves

A varied offer of different types of graves and cremation columbariums.

Farewell ceremonies

At Barcelona Cemeteries, we adhere to the European initiative to hold farewell funeral ceremonies in the city's cemeteries, which is why we have different spaces to create a climate of intimacy and recollection.

Cerimònies de comiat
Spaces for ashes in natural environments

Natural settings for scattering the ashes of loved ones.


Featured Places

Canvis de nom

Graves cannot be named after a deceased person and in this case you must change the name.

Actions to preserve and conserve the heritage of funeral grounds.
En cas de defunció

We help you with everything you need to know in the event of a death.

Our services and products

We offer a wide range of services and products for families and their graves.

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Daily services

Aware that it is not always possible to be with the family of the deceased, we offer the possibility of sending a note of condolence. You can write your message and we will send it to the family.

Location of deceased persons

First name
First surname
Second surname

In case you cannot locate the deceased person, contact to schedule a search in our archives. We are currently working to computerize all our files.

Cementiris de Barcelona és Cultura

Barcelona cemeteries is Culture

Enjoy different routes led by guides who will reveal to you the history and curiosities of the city's cemeteries.

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